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Perry County Attractions

Perry County Cell Phone Tour
Provides detailed information on Historic Perry County attractions.
Telephone: (334) 526-3061 – call for ticket

The Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center
The Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center (AABC) is the largest state non-game recovery program of its kind in the United States.  The mission of AABC is to promote the conservation and restoration of rare freshwater species in Alabama waters and in turn, restore cleaner water in Alabama's waterways.

Alabama is known to have the greatest number of freshwater species of mollusks and fish in the United States. However over the past 80 years, Alabama has lost over 67 species of these mollusks and fish to extinction. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have listed more than 54 species as threatened or endangered in Alabama's waters. AABC will help to restore threatened or endangered species of mollusks and fish through propagation and restoration. By restoring and conserving these species, we can help aid in clean water efforts in Alabama's waterways.  The facilities at the Center include three aquatic culture buildings with over 7,500 square feet of space under roof, a 4,300-square-foot administration building with office and laboratory space, and approximately 30 surface acres of aquatic culture ponds.

Antioch Baptist Church
Located on the Perry and Hale County line on Perry County Road 193 which turns left off of Perry County Road 29 north of Marion.  Award winning Auburn Rural Studio Structure created from dismantled Antioch Baptist Church.  Outside may be viewed at any time.

Coretta Scott King Memorial
Located on County Road 29 12 miles north of Marion.  Mt. Tabor Methodist Church, the childhood church of Mrs. King hosts the memorial and sculpture of Mrs. King on the church grounds.  Next door is the store and home that belonged to Coretta’s father, Mr. Scott.  May be viewed at any time.  No admission.

Donavan Lakes Fishing Club and Inn
Donovan Lakes Fishing Club is a public membership fishing club and Inn and is available for rent to all interested persons.   Lakes are stocked with Tiger Bass and Threadfin Shad, Golden Shiners; Gizzard Shad.  The Club is located on Perry County Road 38 (four miles south of Marion on Highway 45; take Perry County 38 west for one mile; Donavan Club sign and gate on the right). Or, if traveling on State Highway 5, go six miles south of Marion and take Perry County 38 east for 2.1 miles; Club sign and gate will be on the left.

Downtown Historic District
Washington Street, Marion, AL
One of four historic districts in Marion.  Includes 1858 courthouse and library for genealogy research, restaurants, and a variety of shops.  Open daily except for holidays.

Judson College and Alabama Women's Hall of Fame: Marion, AlabamaJudson College and Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame
303 Bibb Street, Marion, AL
Judson College, established in 1838, is Alabama’s women’s college and Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame.  Anchor of Judson College Historic District with five historic structures.  Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame, honoring significant Alabama women, is located in old Carnegie Building. 
Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm except holidays.
Telephone (334) 683-5100

Lincoln Normal Memorial Museum
Lee Street, Marion, AL
Established in 1867 by former slaves.  Noted graduates include Jean Young & Coretta King.
Museum exhibits memorabilia of school and its graduates.

Marion Military Institute and Alabama Military Hall of Honor           
1101 Washington Street, Marion, AL
MMI, established in 1842, former home of Howard (Samford University) is anchor for the West Marion Historic District.  Includes many historic buildings, including old City Hall which houses The Alabama Military Hall of Honor, honoring Alabama military heroes.
Hours: MMI open daily except for holidays.
Alabama Military Hall of Honor open by reservation.
Telephone: (334) 683.2307

Perry Lakes Park, Marion, Alabama: Perry CountyPerry Lakes Park and Cahaba River Reserve
5 miles east of Marion on Highway 175
Perry Lakes and Barton’s Beach - The restless Cahaba changed its course 150 years ago and left these four oxbow lakes and the incredibly diverse ecology around it. Experience the 100-foot birding tower, tupelo and cypress swamps, and the sandy swales of The Nature Conservancy’s Barton’s Beach on the Cahaba River.  The Perry Lakes Park (Recreational Area) project is a restoration and expansion of a park constructed in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The Park is located five miles east of Marion, near the State Fish Hatchery on State Highway 175.  Perry Lakes Park is positioned between the Marion State Fish Hatchery and the Barton's Beach Cahaba River Preserve. The Park area was leased (20 yrs. beginning in 1999) from the Ala Department o f Conservation.  Includes hiking, birding and birding tower, picnic facilities & Cahaba River Reserve Four Oxbow lakes, Cahaba River, Barton’s Beach, six Auburn Rural Studio structures. 
Open sun-up to sun-down

Sturdivant Farm House (Donavin Inn)
Sturdivant Farm (home of Donavan lakes) is a working hay farm and cattle ranch. Over 1,000 acres including lakes, swamps, woods, pasture, trails and creeks are available to members (1890) has been remodeled and restored. New living quarters have been built as an add-on to the rear of the old house.  This farm house is known locally as the Sturdivant Farm House. It was built about 1880 on the King Plantation. The Sturdivants were the last occupants of the house. This farm house was restored and is named the Donavan Inn. The Inn is available for rent to members and to the general public.

Webb-Moore Plantation
Folsom, AL
Plantation established by the Moore family in the 1800’s and currently owned by Moore descendants. Original buildings remain. Tours for groups available by reservation.  Open first weekend in October for FALL IN FOLSOM.  For reservations, call 334-683-6869 or visit