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Perry Lakes and Barton’s Beach

Perry Lakes Park in Perry County, AlabamaThe restless Cahaba changed its course 150 years ago and left these four oxbow lakes and the incredibly diverse ecology around it. Experience the 100-foot birding tower, tupelo and cypress swamps, and the sandy swales of The Nature Conservancy’s Barton’s Beach on the Cahaba River.  The Perry Lakes Park (Recreational Area) project is a restoration and expansion of a park constructed in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The Park is located five miles east of Marion, near the State Fish Hatchery on State Highway 175.  Perry Lakes Park is positioned between the Marion State Fish Hatchery and the Barton's Beach Cahaba River Preserve. The Park area was leased (20 yrs. beginning in 1999) from the Ala Department o f Conservation.

Don’t miss The Auburn Rural Studio’s Birding Tower where you can look at the floodplain forest and the birds in the upper canopy from a view few people have experienced. 

Perry Lakes Park, the Barton's Beach Cahaba River Preserve, and the Marion State Fish Hatchery represent wonderful and exciting nature areas which provide outstanding opportunities for recreation and education in a remote and undeveloped West Central Alabama old growth river bottom. Visitors will experience exceptional birding, hiking, interpretive nature trails, and recreational opportunities in the three adjacent natural areas. The mature hardwood canopy of these ecosystems represents a rarely experienced component of nature that is well worth preservation and deserves a visit.

The Park gate is opened at sunup and is locked at sundown...every day of the year.

5 miles east of Marion on Highway 175