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Ruins of Old Cahawba

Ruins of Old Cahawba: Alabama's abandoned first capital citySeeking adventure?  Then explore the ghostly ruins of Alabama’s abandoned first capital city and its tragic Civil War prison. Old Cahawba is an archaeological park but also a gateway to natural wonders like rare wildflowers in the Black Belt prairie and leisurely canoeing on the lower Cahaba River. 

Nature has reclaimed much of Old Cahawba, but historians and archaeologists from the Alabama Historical Commission are working hard to uncover Cahawba's historic past and to create a full time interpretive park.  Today, the welcome center is a reproduction of the cottage that General John Tyler Morgan -- US Senator and military hero of the Civil War,   lived in on the southwest comer of Capitol and Ash. Visitors can browse through the museum and view artifacts, photographs and treasures that reveal what life at Cahawba was like during its hey-day. The welcome center also helps visitors learn how to interpret the landscape of Cahawba today.