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Historic Downtown Marion

Perry County Courthouse, Marion, AlabamaHistoric Downtown Marion is primarily known as the home of Marion Military Institute and Judson College, but those famous schools are but one facet of this history-rich community. Much of Alabama’s Civil War and Civil Rights story was written here.

If one word could describe PERRY COUNTY, ALABAMA, that word would be Diversity. Its people, its land, its weather and its location are all balanced by the contrasts they provide.  You will miss some of Perry County's history if you do not take the Dial & Discover Tour and hear local people describe some of the history.  It costs only $10.00 for a tour of seven days to learn more than you could by spending several days in a library.  Stop in to shop some of the exquisite antique shops, spend a night in one of the famous Bed and Breakfasts and enjoy the life in historic downtown Marion.

Located in west central Alabama, PERRY COUNTY was established in the same year Alabama became a state, and early in its development was called upon to give some of its territory to help establish surrounding counties. Eventually, PERRY COUNTY stabilized with its present 745 square miles of balanced landscape. From the northern part of the county where forests cover the trailing end of the Appalachian Mountains, the hills and valleys give way to the grass covered prairies and geometric croplands of the fabled Black Belt. The generous rains of the changing seasons feed the streams and creeks that run East to the Alabama River and West to the Tombigbee River. Coursing through the county itself is one of America's last free running wild rivers, The Cahaba, a river that boasts more species of fish than any other in the United States

Judson College and Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame
303 Bibb Street, Marion, AL
Judson College, established in 1838, is Alabama’s women’s college and Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame. Anchor of Judson College Historic District with five historic structures. Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame, honoring significant Alabama women, is located in old Carnegie Building.
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 am-4:30 pm except holidays.
Telephone (334) 683-5100

Lincoln Normal Memorial Museum
Lee Street, Marion, AL
Established in 1867 by former slaves. Noted graduates include Jean Young & Coretta King.
Museum exhibits memorabilia of school and its graduates.

Marion Military Institute and Alabama Military Hall of Honor
1101 Washington Street, Marion, AL
MMI, established in 1842, former home of Howard (Samford University) is anchor for the West Marion Historic District. Includes many historic buildings, including old City Hall which houses The Alabama Military Hall of Honor, honoring Alabama military heroes.
Hours: MMI open daily except for holidays.
Alabama Military Hall of Honor open by reservation.
Telephone: (334) 683.2307